Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Hyena

One of the best things I've ever spent ten bucks on was a membership to the Something Awful forums. Some of my web-savvy friends think they are a hive of scum and villainy, but that's only a couple of the sub-forums. Instead of looking at goatse, I read creative edits of comic strips, get new recipes, talk about video games, and get all crafty with people. There's even a needle-felting thread!

Someone proposed a Secret Santa for the needlefelters and I signed up. My recipient was the intimidatingly talented person who started the thread, and she wanted something hyena-related... so I sized up my efforts a bit and made this little pup. She got it now so I can post about it. Woof!

Felted hyena

Felted hyena

Felted hyena

There are probably only a couple of drops of human blood felted into this particular item :P
I have a few more requests for dogs, but I think I might want to make myself a possum to hang from my monitor. The only felty thing I have myself is the little white cat I made!

Why are my posts so devoid of humour? I'm funny, dammit.

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