Sunday, December 18, 2011

Log cabin cushion

Log cabin cushion by Angstcrafted
Log cabin cushion, a photo by Angstcrafted on Flickr.

So, over a year after making a first patchwork cushion cover, I finally got around to making the second one. I used a log cabin sort of block this time, but realized after cutting out the pieces that I'd set out the pattern wrong and had made things harder on myself (you're not supposed to have to sew in any corners in a real log cabin block). I had no extra fabric so I just made it work. Turned out fine, though the cover fits a bit snugger than the other cushion's.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Pincushion 1 by Angstcrafted
Pincushion 1, a photo by Angstcrafted on Flickr.

After not making anything at all for months and months of doldrums, I decided to make a simple pincushion. I didn't exactly follow any instructions so it isn't totally perfect, but it's OK and it works :)