Monday, October 6, 2014

Dolls and things

I still exist! I've just been lacking in inspiration in general all year. I have tried to do a handful of crafty things, though, so I thought I'd share.

First off I started a random tangent into hand-painting and customizing dolls. I saw some pictures of repainted Monster High dolls and thought they were really pretty, so I gave that a shot. The next phase of that was painting a couple of Asian resin ball-jointed dolls; I'd seen those online ten years ago or so but now I could afford them, so I explored that a bit too.
Monster High "Draculaura" doll, repainted and with her hair rerooted (replaced)

Dollstown "Soyu" doll. Handpainted and I made/dyed the wig as well.

Starting in the spring, I thought I'd try to resume doing pottery at the local arts center, but the extremely overcrowded studio once again proved to be just too much for me. I still love ceramics but I need to at least have a table to myself and a wheel and some space to put my pots as I work; unfortunately that is too much to ask, until I someday have my own garage or somewhere I can have a studio. I have no pictures of any of my work because I honestly didn't make much, and it wasn't too much different from what I did last time around a few years back :)

Lately I don't seem to have the attention span to do much, or I try something and mess up and just get upset with myself, so... trying to get over that. We'll see!