Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here's the next in my series of "Coworkers' Dogs" needle felting: Spock the corgi. This Spock was actually a gift for a friend of mine who does not own him, but has a dog-crush on him and has him on her Facebook profile picture and iPhone wallpaper... Such things happen when people bring their dogs to work every day.

Corgi! 2

Corgi! 3

Me, I want to steal one of the other work corgis, but she never comes to the office anymore. :(

Thursday, November 25, 2010


So a few months ago, there were these tiny black bugs in my house. I'd find them in the morning near the cat food and cat litter, but I couldn't find a source. I keep my house clean, darnit, and I vacuum at least weekly.

One day my friend was over and I started ranting about the bugs. I found one to show her and she identified it as a grain weevil. After checking my pantry items for bugs and not finding anything, I remembered that my cat litter is made of corn... and there was a litter box upstairs that the cats hadn't been using, so I hadn't touched it for a while (just glances to confirm the continuing absence of poop).

Well, let's just say I found where the weevils were coming from.

I made this for the friend!

Grain Weevil

Grain Weevil

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Loretta is another work doggie. She is obsessed with food and getting her belly scratched. I tried to make a little felt Loretta. Her back markings aren't accurate but her dad seems pleased with the results :)

As for me I think it took me way too long for a somewhat amateurish end product. I think I made it a bit too small. I also used a rough core wool with roving laid over top for the first time and found it a bit harder to sculpt. (I was running out of brown roving...) I also didn't have a big enough fabric scrap for her little bandanna so the ends are a bit frayed as I couldn't hem them. It'll be fine as long as it isn't manhandled too much!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Lots of people bring their dogs to work. The bestest dog is my friend's puppy Chula. She's a boxer/American Bulldog mix and she's a sweetheart. Her only flaw is that she loves dogs way more than people so she pays no attention to me if other dogs are around. Anyway I thought I would make her owner a little felt Chula.

Chula is not allowed to play with her mini-me because she would just eat it.

Needle-felted Chula

Friday, November 5, 2010

Still Alive (I'm doing SCIENCE and I'm)

I've been having a busy time and haven't felt relaxed enough to create anything. I added a few stitches to my sampler and that's about it. It would help if there were TV shows on that I wanted to watch... but lately TV is just boring me, so I've been playing video games.

Fable III: unfortunately disappointing even though I avoided having any expectations other than "I liked Fable II, so this should be fun too!"