Thursday, January 27, 2011

Secret Hyena

Geez, I just realized ages after posting this that I had already posted about this same thing earlier in January. I'm just absent-minded, not self-important, I swear... anyway...

The Something Awful forums are a wonderful place full of intelligent, funny and creative people. (I can say that without sarcasm because I don't visit the more horrible sub-forums that exist there). There's even a needle-felting thread, and we had a Secret Santa for Orthodox Christmas! My secret giftee was the shockingly talented creturfetur who had requested "something hyena-related", so I made a hyena. I sorta neglected to give it a mane, but it's a baby so that's OK.

Felted hyena

Felted hyena

Felted hyena

I think this is my cutest li'l dude so far, though I still have a soft spot for the staring white kitty.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Edward's hat

I made my not-quite-one-year-old nephew a hat for Christmas, partly because what does a baby like anyway? and partly because his parents would certainly not have the room to shuttle toys or bulky things around.

The pattern is basically the "Flower" hat from the book "Itty-Bitty Nursery" by Susan B. Anderson, but I made it stripey and skipped the whole flower part because my sister has an antiquated view of gender roles. I put little leaves on top instead and a chain-stitched stem up the side. I have never increased before so I guess the leaves were kind of a success? They do curl up though.

Anyway, baby Edward does not like having his head covered right now and refuses to keep any hat on his head.

These pictures are terrible, but I had only my phone on hand, and the baby kept moving.

Edward's stripey hat

Edward's plant hat

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Hyena

One of the best things I've ever spent ten bucks on was a membership to the Something Awful forums. Some of my web-savvy friends think they are a hive of scum and villainy, but that's only a couple of the sub-forums. Instead of looking at goatse, I read creative edits of comic strips, get new recipes, talk about video games, and get all crafty with people. There's even a needle-felting thread!

Someone proposed a Secret Santa for the needlefelters and I signed up. My recipient was the intimidatingly talented person who started the thread, and she wanted something hyena-related... so I sized up my efforts a bit and made this little pup. She got it now so I can post about it. Woof!

Felted hyena

Felted hyena

Felted hyena

There are probably only a couple of drops of human blood felted into this particular item :P
I have a few more requests for dogs, but I think I might want to make myself a possum to hang from my monitor. The only felty thing I have myself is the little white cat I made!

Why are my posts so devoid of humour? I'm funny, dammit.