Monday, October 6, 2014

Dolls and things

I still exist! I've just been lacking in inspiration in general all year. I have tried to do a handful of crafty things, though, so I thought I'd share.

First off I started a random tangent into hand-painting and customizing dolls. I saw some pictures of repainted Monster High dolls and thought they were really pretty, so I gave that a shot. The next phase of that was painting a couple of Asian resin ball-jointed dolls; I'd seen those online ten years ago or so but now I could afford them, so I explored that a bit too.
Monster High "Draculaura" doll, repainted and with her hair rerooted (replaced)

Dollstown "Soyu" doll. Handpainted and I made/dyed the wig as well.

Starting in the spring, I thought I'd try to resume doing pottery at the local arts center, but the extremely overcrowded studio once again proved to be just too much for me. I still love ceramics but I need to at least have a table to myself and a wheel and some space to put my pots as I work; unfortunately that is too much to ask, until I someday have my own garage or somewhere I can have a studio. I have no pictures of any of my work because I honestly didn't make much, and it wasn't too much different from what I did last time around a few years back :)

Lately I don't seem to have the attention span to do much, or I try something and mess up and just get upset with myself, so... trying to get over that. We'll see!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Felted teacup pig

I drew my cousin Laura in this year's family gift exchange. Since my cousin Lisa's felted beagle had gone over well, I thought Laura might like a wool critter too. Enquiries indicated that she likes teacup piglets and unicorns, and I prefer piggies to horsies, so I made a piglet... most of it on Christmas Eve, since my supplies were delayed in transit for almost four days (argh, Air Canada)

Anyway, I think I do pretty good work for my cousins. My almost-four-year-old nephew also seemed enamored :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Felted eyeball

I made something, for the first time in forever! It's an eyeball. Yup. (I have, in the past, collected eyeballs).

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Purple dog mat

Purple dog mat by Angstcrafted
Purple dog mat, a photo by Angstcrafted on Flickr.
I made another mat for my dog out of fabrics left over from my (still unquilted) purpley lap quilt. I think it's pretty! And I needed to learn/practice free motion quilting. It's messy but it's not terrible. The dog doesn't mind.
The cats like it too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas felting

So I haven't made much of anything this year, particularly nothing felted... but Christmas gift time rolled around and I had two gift exchanges for which I could not come up with purchased gift ideas. First was a Secret Santa at work, so why not make a Christmas ornament? It's based on this: Diablo Loot Pinata

Diablo ornament 2

Then I drew my cousin for our family gift exchange. I heard she liked my previous beagles. I made her a slightly improved beagle! Except I made the legs all brown by accident, then after checking photo reference I felt bad and made the feet white. It's hard trying to put white over brown...

Lisa's Beagle 1

Lisa's Beagle 3

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Log cabin cushion

Log cabin cushion by Angstcrafted
Log cabin cushion, a photo by Angstcrafted on Flickr.

So, over a year after making a first patchwork cushion cover, I finally got around to making the second one. I used a log cabin sort of block this time, but realized after cutting out the pieces that I'd set out the pattern wrong and had made things harder on myself (you're not supposed to have to sew in any corners in a real log cabin block). I had no extra fabric so I just made it work. Turned out fine, though the cover fits a bit snugger than the other cushion's.