Friday, November 5, 2010

Still Alive (I'm doing SCIENCE and I'm)

I've been having a busy time and haven't felt relaxed enough to create anything. I added a few stitches to my sampler and that's about it. It would help if there were TV shows on that I wanted to watch... but lately TV is just boring me, so I've been playing video games.

Fable III: unfortunately disappointing even though I avoided having any expectations other than "I liked Fable II, so this should be fun too!"


  1. You should post about your screen printing. Didn't you do that? I swear it was you who did that!

  2. Wow, screen printing was forever ago, when I was in college. I have a bunch of miscellaneous fabrics upstairs from college.. shibori, tie-dye, screen printing... marbled paper...