Monday, October 18, 2010


When my crafty sister started doing some quilting last winter, I was reminded of how interested I'd been in it back in college. I even "made" a "quilt" for a pattern and surface class (it was a knotted quilt, and the binding was attached with, uh, masking tape). I had pieced the whole thing by hand, which at the time I thought was admirable but now I have no patience. Anyway, I copied her again and took a "my first quilt" class. It turned out pretty nice!

First quilt

I bought myself a sewing machine and made a few more things. I like bags. I have to learn to put in zippers though.

First bag

Tote bag

For years I had intended to make myself some cushion covers. I finally got around to making one.

Patchwork cushion

Bonus picture of my cat enjoying the quilt.

Lucy in my first quilt

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  1. All of your sewing is beautiful, but the quilt in particular is GORGEOUS!