Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jewelry roundup

After my post-college decision to learn computer graphics, I didn't really do anything crafty, aside from an intro to jewelry class I took at a Toronto college. For a few years I guess I restricted myself to trying to learn to draw/use Photoshop/use Maya.

Once I was comfortably employed in game development, at some point I decided that my wardrobe needed to start including accessories, and I went to the mall to look for jewelry. Everything was crap and I hated it. I decided I'd just make my own because I had a stash of hoarded beads from my youth. And so I did.

I haven't made much jewelry in a year or two, aside from a few pairs of earrings. I seem to lack inspiration, I want to move beyond wirework, and I'm quite happy to buy other people's handmade jewelry from Etsy (while I would probably not buy someone else's cushion or handsewn bag, figuring I should make those myself). Still I might go to the local bead show next weekend because most of my beads are too small and I want chunkier jewelry ;)


  1. I wore those necklaces just this week! Good timing on this post.;) I always think of you when I wear them.

  2. These are just beautiful. Is the second pair of earrings from the top for sale.....

  3. I'm afraid I have worn those earrings, but maybe I can make more :)